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Bud is a WWII Triple Ace who flew the P-51 Mustang Old Crow, while assigned to the 357th Fighter Group "Yoxford Boys," 8th Air Force, Leiston Field, United Kingdom. The 357th Fighter Group was credited with shooting down 609 1/2 enemy aircraft in only 15 months, a pace no other fighter group equaled. The 357th, also produced 42 Aces (pilots with five or more victories in the air), more than any other group. Bud was the leading Ace of the 363rd Fighter Squadron with 16 1/4 victories. In July 2008, Bud was inducted into the National Aviation Hall of Fame! Bud's close friend Mr. Jack Roush has restored P-51 Mustangs, exactly as Bud flew them during WWII. His latest Mustang is Bud's P-51B Old Crow. His P-51D Old Crow is now owned and flown by Mr. Jim Hagedorn. A third P-51D restored as Old Crow is flown from Norway by Scandinavian Historic Flight. Bud has been featured on many special TV and Video Productions. Most recently the History Channel and the Military Channel. Video clips from these can be viewed in the YouTube Video Link below. Bud has worked with video game companies on flying games such as Electronic Arts Janes WWII Fighters. He is an active speaker and air show participant. Bud is the highest scoring living US Fighter Ace.  Browse this site, learn about aviation history, the brave men Bud flew and worked with and order your autographed copy of Bud's amazing book "To Fly and Fight". Autographed photos are also available and can be personalized upon request. Please view our Old Crow Collection; Aviation Art Prints and other special items for sale. A special "Thank you" to Master Aerial Photographers John Dibbs, Paul Bowen and Earl Smith, also to Michael O'Leary, Merle Olmsted, Curtis Fowles of MustangsMustangs and the many others who have contributed to the outstanding photographs and support for our web site. View the P-51B restoration work by Art Teeters here.   Bud's Online Store 


  Interview with Bud Anderson on Ready for Takeoff podcasts with George Nolly

Favorite P-51 Mustang Videos


Bud attended the 75th Anniversary Commemoration of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Here he talks with Gary Sinise! Please visit Gary's web site and support all he does for our Veterans.

Bud at the Gary Sinise - Lt Dan Band Concert on Waikiki Beach!



   Bud's upcoming events for 2017!

Bud's 95th Birthday Celebration, 13 Jan 2017

Jim Browning's Crash Site Found


In loving memory of Eleanor Anderson, 3 Feb 1923 - 30 Jan 2015



Artist Doug Van Howd and Bud Anderson at the Auburn California Airport, 16 May 2015, for the unveiling of a beautiful statue of Bud and his P-51 "Old Crow" created by Doug.

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20 May 2015

Congressional Gold Medal

Awarded to American

Fighter Aces

Flight Testing

Lastest 357th FG Photos




Tribute to members of the 357th FG lost in Combat

Rock and a Hard Place by Gareth Hector

Depicts famous Mustang ace Bud Anderson in a life and death stalemate with a Bf-109 while directly in the path of an oncoming B-17 stream. Read this (p109) and other stories in Bud's book, "To Fly and Fight."


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A tribute to our dear friend, Merle Olmsted

Memorial Day Tribute 


Bud's book "To Fly and Fight" has now been published in German, with a forward by Gunther Rall!

Picture from Alicia Walby




Experience Air to Air Combat in WWII 

(Read the first chapter of Bud's book, "To Fly and Fight.")

C.E. "Bud" Anderson


The 357th Fighter Group "Yoxford Boys"


American Air Museum in Britain - 357th FG Photo Collection


In Memoriam - Two Fallen Heroes

Special Edition P-51D High Performance (HP) Mustang with "Old Crow" WWII Color Scheme

 The Old Crow Collection



"Time To Go To Work" by Dan Zoernig

The P-51 Mustangs of the 357th Fighter Group were normally cared for by a Crew Chief, Assistant Crew Chief and Armorer. This illustration honors all Crew Chiefs, Specialists and Support personnel. They worked relentlessly in the open, day or night, in all kinds of weather with great dedication in a trade equally as important as a pilot's ability. Without them there would be no flying. There were no eight-hour days as suggested by the flashlight carried by the chief on the right, for Britain's strict black-out precluded any other kind of lighting during the many nights of work preparing the Mustangs for the next days mission. Each of Bud Anderson's Old Crows had long combat lives in the 363rd Squadron. Never once in 116 combat missions did either ship abort or return early due to mechanical problems. Such a record is attributed to a pilot who did not abuse his aircraft and to the dedicated care of it's ground crew: T/Sgt Otto Heino, S/Sgt Melvin Schueneman, and S/Sgt Leon Zimmerman. S/Sgt Schueneman became a casualty of the war when he perished  in an AT-6 crash in January 1945 when returning from some field maintenance work in France.

A View from the Flight Line

A Personal Memoir by Crew Chief Merle Olmsted with Willard Bierly and Joseph Deshay


Meet Jack Roush... Owner and Pilot of the restored P-51B Old Crow!

Don't miss the July 2009 Flying Magazine Article about Jack!!!


Old Crow Model Builder's Guide



Old Crow Computer Pilot Guide

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Richard Hallion, the Air Force Historian, says: "It is, I think, the finest pilot memoir of World War II and I have made it mandatory reading for all my historians."


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