I would like to thank all those who have helped make this web site a success. First I would like to thank my father, Bud Anderson, for his help and support and for being the inspiration for the site. Second Pete Krueger, whose tireless efforts helped built this web site. I would also like to thank 357th FG member, author and historian, Merle Olmsted, who has provided the bulk of the photos and material for the site. Merle has been promoted the accomplishments of the 357th FG "Yoxford Boys" for more than 50 years!

Merle Olmsted

 We also wish to give special thanks to Photographer Earl Smith for providing his fantastic aerial photos and for putting together our free P-51 screen saver. 

There are many other people to thank, all of whom are important. I have listed them below and again thank them all for their support. This site would not be as special without their efforts.

Other Contributors and Supporters:

Artists: Joe Milich, Chuck Long, Jerry Crandall, William Phillips, Terry South, Ernie Boyette, Raymond Waddie, Michael Short, Roy Grinnel, and Harley Copic. Photographers: John Dibbs courtsey of the Real McCoys, Hiro Inoue and Michael Yoksich. Model Builders: John Greiner, Erik Whipple, Stanley Parker, Dave Burrows, Scott Brown, Steve Negley, Bob Reiter, Franck Oudin,  Rob Loos, Tim Mayberry,  Tom Goodwin, Richard Gonzales and the many others who have contributed to the 357th FG Gallery of Models. Edwards AFB Historian Mr. James O. Young. Shirt makers: Mike Jackson and Steve Mercer. Writers: John Houvouras and Joe Hamlin. Susie Yeager and Cindy Siegfried. Web Masters Frank Aldridge, Peter Randall and Corey Jordan. Derek Horne. Mary Ann Bittner and the Yankee Air Museum.  Scandianvian Historic Flight, Anders Saether and Thore Thoresen. Specialty Press, Eric Hammel and Pacifica Military History. 357th FG Association and members: Joe DeShay, OBee OBrien, Bill Dunlop, John Warner, John Cirillo, John Skara, Hoyt Parmer, Morris McKinney and Bill Overstreet. Paul Patist. Dr. D. Fuentes. Warren Brookman and Derek Davis. David Pirot. Paul Bowen, Ed and Connie Bowlin and Mr Jack Roush.
To those not mentioned, I apologize and say "Thanks for all your support to make this site happen!" Jim Anderson