Bleeding Sky

About the Book

World War II was a significant time in modern world history.  In America it has been called the “best of times & the worst of times.”

- Retired USAF Colonel Clarence “Bud” Anderson

Follow the true story Captain Fletcher Adams as you get the best insight into a tragic causality of WWII and the mystery of what happened to the young Captain.  Author Joey Maddox uses quotes, investigative interviews, others’ voices, images, and more to make Bleeding Sky even more interesting and engaging.

Learn of the valor of the 357th Fighter Group in this WWII story.  Known collectively as the “Yoxford Boys,” the 357th was the first P-51 Mustang fighter group in the history of the “Mighty” 8th Air Force.  Although active for less than two years during WWII, the group set many records and became one of the greatest fighter outfits the U.S. Air Force would ever send into combat.  Bleeding Sky is their story as told by the pilots through their books, diaries, and interviews.  Their mission was an adventure never to be matched again in the annals of aviation history.

Bleeding Sky also features the real story behind the capture and death of Captain Fletcher Adams.  He was one of the typical young Americans of that generation, who were eager to join the service and do their part for America.  He chose to fly and join the 357th Fighter Group.  He had established himself as a promising combat pilot against a still potent Luftwaffe.  He was shot down by an enemy aircraft but survived by bailing out of his disabled P-51 Mustang.  Tragically, German civilians murdered him after his capture.