Stories of the 357th Fighter Group "Yoxford Boys"

Gun camera film of Captain John England strafing a French D520 in Luftwaffe markings. 


Interview with 363rd FS Ace, OBee O'Brien  

Captain William R. "OBee" O'Brien, 363rd FS, 6 Victories

 OBee's Stories:


The Yoxford Boys and the Me262  


Captain Bob Winks    

Another Jet for the Yoxford Boys by Jon Guttman

Captain Bill Overstreet   

Short Snorter from Bill Overstreet  

Lt. Bill Overstreet, 363rd FS  

357th FG Mustangs in Sweden  



Crash site of 363rd FS Pilot Donovan Siverts  





Don Bochkay's "B" Model Mustangs 


A Name From the Past


Colorized photo courtesy Craig Kelsay

Captain Jim Browning's Last Mission 

Collection of WWII Newspaper Articles on Jim Browning.

Survey of Jim Browning's Crash Site

Jim Browning's Crash Site Found

Story of Jim Brown's Flight Cap

Normandy Invasion by Mark Stepelton

LeRoy Ruder

Notes from Mark Stepelton

Assistance to Hurry Home Honey

June 29, 1944 Rescue

My Encounter with an ME 262 By Carroll Ofsthun  




On The Other Side OF The Coin  


Kit Carson's Narrow Escape


The Short War of Don Rice


James T. Crump, 363rd FS


Air War Over Europe (Excerpts from Scott Richardson's Thesis)  


Morris McKinney, 364th FS  


A Speech Worth Dying For - Col. Russ Spicer  


On the Same Day - a collection of stories about the mission of 20 January 1945  


Will Foard, 364th FS  


The Yoxford Boys and the Arnhem Affair


German Ace Richard Franz tells of Combat against the Yoxford Boys during the Arnhem Affair


The Great Mouse Trap Play



Interview with 362nd FS Armorer, Hoyt Parmer


A View from the Flight Line, A personal Memoir (Merle Olmsted, Joe Deshay and Willar Bierly talk about maintaining the Mustangs of the 357th FG)


Drop Tanks - The Wartime Experience of Donald W. Marner  


Bernard Seitzinger, 364th FS


357th Big Beautiful Doll?


Down in the Drink


Captain Hubbard


D Day.  A Year Before the Big Bang Two stories from Ted Conlin


357th FG Aircraft Markings 


The Adventures of a Frantic V Crew Chief


How to Draw a Crowd 1945 ETO Style


Jack Cleland RNZAF Exchange Pilot


The Hard Way Home


Lt. John Jenest, 362nd FS


Remembering Jack Warren   


The Norwegian Odyssey of Bill Dunlop  


364th Pilot captures Prague/Ruzyne Airdrome  


Major Alva Murphy, Ace, 364th FS   


The Russian Pilot  


Captain William H. Mooney Jr. 


Matthew S. Martin, 362nd FS


Interview with 357th FG member William Blystone by Darrell Reel


"And Mama, what did you do in the great war?" The story of Red Cross Lady, Virginia Curnutt  


Dog Fight Over Germany. Kit Carson's account of the engagement on 14 January 1945.

Swiss Mustangs


108 Gallon Drop Tanks During Early 357th Operations


Roland Wright - pilot of Mormon Mustang. Hear his 1945 BBC radio interview.


"Joy Ride" My flight in "Eager Beaver" 


RV-8 Old Crow

My Account by Lt John W (Jack) Dunn, 362nd FS  


The Mustangs of John England 


New 357th Memorial to Kirby Brown


From Bali to Berlin - An Interview with General Tommy Hayes by Jon Guttman     


A Tale of two P-51s Named Joan by Merle Olmsted 


Pete Peterson's P-39 Adventure   


The Mystery of the 364th Squadron's "PISTOL PACKIN' MAMA 


D-Day and the Yoxford Boys


Leiston Airfield


German Aircraft After the War.


Memories of the 357th FG by Joe Shea


Story of 363rd FS pilot Lt Lawrence Dale Wood


Story of 364th FS pilot, Jerome Jacobs

In the works:

A Walk in France Summer of '44

Story of Charles G. Jones, P-51 Fighter Pilot Oct 19, 1944.

November 1944

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Drawing by Merle Olmsted