Bud flies the Scandinavian Historic Flight P-51 Old Crow

Photo courtesy of John Dibbs

Flying Legends Air Show

July 3 -9 2001

Mr. Stephen Grey, the owner of "The Fighter Collection" of antique fighters in the UK, invited four American 'Aces' to attend the Flying Legends Air Show at Duxford. The four were Col. C. E. "Bud" Anderson (357th Ftr. Gp 8th AF) Col. Don Blakeslee (4th Ftr. Gp. 8th AF) Lt. Col. Bob Goebel (31st Ftr. Gp 15th AF) and Lt. Col. Lee Archer (332nd Ftr. Gp 15th AF) They departed the US on July 3 and arrived at Stansted in the UK on July 4. There was a large press conference on the ramp at Stanstead where the P-51D Old Crow was parked by the Continental Air Lines B-757. The owner of the Mustang, Anders Sather was there and offered to let Bud Anderson fly the Old Crow the next day. They all stayed in VIP quarters at RAF Lakenheath Air Base. July 5, Bud flew the Old Crow from Duxford to Leiston Air Field, the site of his WW II air base. The air field has been returned to agriculture, but is recognizable from the air. Bud was in company with a A36 Bonanza photo aircraft, carrying aerial photographer John Dibbs. Still photos and video were shot during the flight. The following day the USAF invited Bud to fly in a two place F-15D Eagle from Lakenheath. The Air Force had prearranged for the P-51 Mustang Old Crow flown by Jan Jonsson to meet near Leiston. Bud departed Lakenheath in a two ship flight of Eagles and rendezvoused with the P-51 Old Crow over Leiston. Bud flew the Eagle from the back seat in formation with the Old Crow over Leiston, while the other F15 Eagle took still photos and video. The  F-15 unit was the 48th Fighter Wing, 493rd Fighter Squadron, Lt.Col. Bob Sneath was Bud's F15 pilot. F-15 Photo Chase plane was flown by Major Robert "Cricket" Renner and photos were taken by Major Lawrence Pravecek. Bud would like to thank all those involved with this trip for their support. Special thanks to Photographer John Dibbs, Anders Saether and Scandinavian Historic Flight. 

Lt Col Don Blakesless; Lt Col Bob Goebel; Lt Col Lee 'Buddy' Archer; and Col Clarence 'Bud' Anderson. Between them, these four aces accounted for nearly 50 victories during WWII. Photo courtesy of John Dibbs

The crew of Continental Flight 38 with the 4 Aces in front of Old Crow. Photo courtesy of Bruce Forrest

Bud signing photos, prints and books at the air show. Photo from Derek Horne.

Bud taxis Old Crow out for flight.

Bud and Scandinavian Historic Flight P-51 Pilot, Jan Jonsson. Bud and Anders Saether, owner of the Scandinavian Historic Flight Old Crow.

Bud with F-15 Eagle pilot Lt.Col. Bob Sneath 

Bud getting out of the Eagle after his flight.

Bud's old WWII base, Leiston Air Field, 2001. Photo taken by Bud

Leiston Field, 1944. Photo courtesy 357th FG pilot Mark Stepelton

Bud flies the Old Crow over Leiston. 2001 Photo courtesy of John Dibbs

Bud in the backseat of the F-15 on the wing of Old Crow.

Photo Maj. Lawrence Pravecek

Bud Flying Old Crow over beautiful England. Photo courtesy of John Dibbs

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