Beautiful model by Steve Negley

357th FG Model Gallery

Listing of models on display in the Gallery

Old Crow P-51B/D/P-39/F-105; Berlin Express P-51B; Missouri Armada P-51D; Hurry Home Honey P-51D; Nooky Booky II, IV P-51D; Chuck Weaver's P-51D; Frenesi P-51D; Shanty Irish P-51B/D; Stubby Gambil's P-39; John Pugh's Diamond Mustang; Little Shrimp P-51D; Tool'n Fools Revenge P-51D; Butch Baby P-51D; Speedball Alice; Little Duckfoot; Rovin Rhoda/4 Bolts P-51D; The Shillelagh P-51B/D; Sweet Helen II P-51D; Desert Rat P-51D; Joan P-51B; Junior Miss P-51D; Mary's Lil Lamb P-51D; Moose P-51D; Lil Kitten P-51B Pappy's Answer P-51B; Ain't MisBehav'n P-51D; Lady Ovella P-51D; Typhoon McGoon P-51B; BK's Battle Buggy P-51D, Mary E; U-64, T-6, Little Sweetie P-51D; Passion Wagon P-51B/D; Eager Beaver P-51B; Glamorous Glenn P-51B/D; Master Mike P-51D; U've Had It P-51B; F-105 Old Crow II; Little Joe P-51D; Ol Flak Joe; Gash Hound P-51D Cathy Mae II P-51D, Plastered Bastard P-51D; Tangerine P-51D; Winged Ace of Clubs P-51D; Libby B P-51D; Flying Panther P-51B; Muddy P-51D; Bobby Jeane P-51D; Evelyn P-51D; Shoo Shoo Baby P-51B; Q Pee P-51B; Pretty Pix P-51D; A-20; L-4; Pregnant Polecat P-51B; Karger's Dollie P-51D; Rolla U bar P-51D; Man O War P-51B; Chicago Gun Moll P-51B; Scrappy P-51B; The Count P-51D; Billy's Bitch P-51D, Cooter, P-51D, Sebastian Jr P-51D, Betsy P-51D, Princess Pat P-51D, Gentleman Jim P-51D,  Stubby Gambil's P-39, Geronimo P-51B; Horses Itch P-51D; Swamp Fox P-51D; Olivia De H P-51D; Kalamazoo Kid P-51B; Spook P-51D; Hot Shot P-51D; Trusty Rusty P-51D; Little Bitch P-51B; Lady Julie P-51B; Mary Mae P-51D; Frisco Kid P-51D; Linda Lou P-51B; Tony Boy P-51B; Frisco Kid P-51D; P-51D Little Shrimp; P-51D Parker 51; P-51D Jersey Bounce; P-51B Speedball Alice; P-51D Little Duckfoot; Daddy Rabbit P-51D; Big Beautiful Doll P-51D; Mr Period; Arkansas Traveler;  Doodle Bug P-51D; Sad Sack; American Girl; Mountaineer P-51D;  

There are many more planes left to be done!

Below is a list of candidates to be built:

Billy's Bitch P-51B; Texas Fire Fly; Chi Lassie P-51D;  Temptation P-51D; ; Floogie II P-51D; Wee Willie;  Lonesome Polecat; 7 Up High; Round Trip Jr; Pretty Pat; Bear River Betsy; Bobby Marilyn; Taxpayers Delight; Daddy's Pet; Baby Jo; Campus Queen; Fireball; All Away II P-51B; Shanghai Lil; Mormon Mustang; ; Bat Cave/Pride of the Yanks; Maize R; The Whistler;  Bow Legs; Buffalo Belle; Young-Uns; Morning Star; Texas Ranger; My Bonnie; Bite Me; Rubber Check; Big Stud; Jersey Bounce; Kipper; Naughty Auty; Remember Me; Ticket to Lorriane; ; Isabel III; Dam Phy No; Expectant; Blackpool Bat; Bodacious; Love of Mine; Whole Hawg; and many others.

If you are interested in building one of these remaining planes, we would welcome your model here. Most of these planes will require hand painting or special decal work. If you are interested in building one of the planes, we will try to supply any information we can to help your project. I am very proud of all the model builders who have spent hundreds of hours making this gallery. It is here to honor the men of the 357th FG Yoxford Boys and keep their memory alive. Thanks, Jim Anderson

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