IL-2 Forgotten Battles

This is a great game with many 357th FG skins available for download. Below are some examples of skins that were made and used in the game.

Glamorous Glenn II by Jon (Bo_Nidle) Pritchard

Old Crow by Jon (Bo_Nidle) Pritchard

This great screen shot was made by Brian Koga. He was inspired by the Dan Zoernig painting "Can't Talk, Gotta Shoot." Brian created this screen shot using the ACE expansion version of IL-2FB, which now includes the P-51B/C. Use this link to download the skin used by Brian for this screen shot P-51C_OldCrow Skin  (Brian says in order to use the Malcom hood canopy version, the IL2 game needs the skin to be placed in the P-51C folder to distinguish it from the flat canopy version P-51B folder, even though in reality both were B models.) Brian advises that the Ace Expansion Pack ($29.99) just came out and adds the P-51B/C, SpitfireV and many other new planes, maps, missions and objects for IL-2 Forgotten Battles.

Harry McWilliams reports there is an now an Old Crow skin out for the P-51B/C. See Il-2 skins... They've been hammered bandwidth-wise since the Ace Expansion Pack came out so don't be surprised if it is slow to load.


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Thanks to Harry McWilliams, Brian Koga and Jon Pritchard for their help.