Fallen Comrades of the 357th FG by Stan Stokes. Depicts Bud Anderson, Jim Browning, Bill Overstreet and Eddie Simpson all members of the 363rd FS, 357th FG. Eddie's Mustang, Flying Panther is shown pulling out of formation in a missing man salute. This painting is dedicated to the memory of all those lost in the 357th FG and their names are depicted on the lower border of the print. Please visit Stan's site at: http://www.stanstokesart.com/index.html Permission to show this print from Randy Frey of the Aviation Art Hangar.

This web site is dedicated to the memory of 363rd squadron pilots: Capt. Jim Browning and Capt. Eddie Simpson.  Both men were killed in combat in the European theater of operation during WWII.  Bud named his son, James Edward Anderson after these two heroes.


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Capt. Eddie Simpson (more info)

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