This guide is intended to help "Old Crow" model enthusiasts build a plastic model of Bud’s "Old Crow" P-51B, P-51D or his F-105D. We would like to acknowledge the help we have received from  Erik Whipple, John Greiner, Stanley ParkerDave Burrow,  Scott Brown, Steve Negley, Bob Reiter, Richard Gonzales, Tom Goodwin, John Soule, Lee Lacey and the IPMS(UK) Hornchurch Model Club and Merle Olmsted, all expert model builders. They were indispensable in building this guide and  examples of their models are on display in this section and the 357th FG Model Gallery. We will also give advice on building other 357th Fighter Group Mustangs and will be adding aircraft profiles on as many of these great aircraft as we can.

The general consensus is to build a 1/48 scale model. You can also make a 1/72 scale or other scales, but we will limit our discussion to mainly the 1/48 scale. Most good hobby stores will carry or be able to obtain any of the model kits, decals or other materials we will mention. However, shopping on the Internet is fantastic and the prices are usually quite a bit lower buying online. We are not endorsing any particular site, but two great online hobby sites are: www.greatmodels.com and www.rollmodels.com.

The two best P-51D’s made in 1/48 scale are by Tamiya and Hasegawa. Two high quality Japanese companies. Tamiya also makes a fine B model. There are pros and cons to both kits. The Tamiya kit is the only D in 1/48 that offers dropped flaps. One can of course cut flaps on the Hasegawa kit and replace and drop them with resin flaps. The wheel well detail is better on the Hasegawa, however they aren’t nearly deep enough! No way a wheel could fit in there!! The cockpit detail is better on the Hasegawa than the Tamiya. BOTH are great kits and are more than sufficient to build a good "Old Crow" P-51D. Other P-51 kits include: Tamiya, TM61042(standard "B") TM61047 (Mustang Mk.III w/Malcolm Hood),Accurate Miniatures, AL3418 (Standard "B"), Promodeler P-51B, Hasegawa, HE09288, Testors, TE590, Revell-Monogram, RMX5241, and Arii, AR331.

There are literally hundreds of after market accessories made for the Mustang in all scales. Most common are resin cockpits, wheels, flaps and of course the early tail. There are also photo-etched brass detail sets for cockpit and various other parts. A great place to look for these accessories is at UltraCast .

Decals are a challenge. All kits come with decals. Although, often they’re thick, out of scale and of poor quality. The main aftermarket decal companies that produced 357th FG decals are Aeromaster of Strike Eagle Productions, Superscale, and a few other companies that put out an occasional Mustang sheet. RepliScale (now out of business) put out a 6 sheet series called "The Yoxford Boys." Each sheet has at least five 357th Fighter Group planes on it, including the "Old Crow." Superscale also made a decal sheet with "Old Crow"48-454, but most dealers are sold out. Bud’s "Old Crow" markings for his F-105D can be found on Aeromaster sheet number 48-375, Takhli Thunderchiefs, 355TFW "OldCrow II". Several model kits are made with "Old Crow" decals including: Hasegawa, HE09288 P-51D which includes markings for "Old Crow" and "Glamorous Glennis", Testors, TE590 P-51D "Old Crow" markings, Otaki Kit no. OT2-13-400 P-51D "Old Crow" markings, and Hasegawa, P-51B Malcolm Hood Kit no. SP108:1300 "Old Crow" markings. One problem with many decal sheets is that they only have 1 "Old Crow" marking on them – you will need 2 "Old Crow" markings to make the model correctly. There is one last option on decals, and that is to make your own. FineScale Model Magazine ran an excellent article on making your own decals in their Nov 99 issue, entitled "Creating Custom Decals". It is our hope to be able to develop a set of 357th FG code letters and numbers in the correct font for free download to anyone who would like to use them to build a 357th FG mustang. 

Solution #1- Buy both Tamiya’s RAF Mustang Mk.III w/Malcom Hood and Hasegawa’s P-51D "Glamorous Glen" and use the "Old Crow" markings to make Bud’s P-51B and Chuck Yeager’s P-51D.

Solution#2- For P-51B’s other than Tamiya’s- you will have to purchase a canopy upgrade kit from Squadron or another manufacturer. Markings will be a challenge.

Solution#3- If you’re looking for just the P-51D "Old Crow", Hasegawa’s is very nice and the decals are very good. Or you can buy the Testor’s P-51D w/"Old Crow" decals- its cheaper but both kit and decals are substandard.

Solution#4- If you want to use the Arii, Promodeler, or Revell-Monogram P-51D kits, you will need to have a line on Superscale’s discontinued decal sheet for Old Crow 48-454 or the Repliscale "Yoxford Boys" decal sheets- most dealers are sold out.

Solution#5- Change to a 1/72 scale and buy Hasegawa HE51311 P-51B or HE51320 P-51D. Then look for SuperScale Decal sheet no. 72-729 "Old Crow" markings.

Solution#6- Buy the Revell-Monogram F-105D or Hasegawa HE02612 F-105D and get the Aeromaster sheet 48-375 Takhli Thunderchiefs 355TFW "Old Crow II" markings.

There are new models coming out all the time. Hopefully someone will fill the decal void. Rumor has it that Aeromaster may be doing some new 357th FG decals in the near future. They have recently released Glamorous Glen III and Berlin Express. At any rate, you can find kits, parts and decals out there to make a nice "Old Crow" or other 357th FG replica. Look below for some photos and drawings to help you detail your model. We will be updating this Guide to try and keep up to date on the latest model developments. We just got word that Academy recently released a 1/72 scale P-51B "Old Crow" as well as Revell. Good Luck!! Please take a look at our 357th FG Model Gallery, we now have over 90 models on display and many more coming. We are hard at work on Mustang Profiles to match the models. We have many of the profiles complete and we will be adding more information to each profile in the future. If  you would like to help with this ongoing project please contact Jim Anderson at jimswa@juno.com. Thank you!!

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 Old Crow Reference Information


General information about Old Crow and other 357th FG mustangs that have come up in answering many questions that are asked us. 

 357th FG Tail Numbers and Code Letters

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 357 FG Markings


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Rear view mirror for the P-51D by Erik Whipple

 1/4 Scale P-51 Old Crow by Dana Muelot 
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