357th FG Model Gallery

Two great models to honor two great friends made possible by three wonderful supporters of the 357th FG.

Leroy Ruder and Mark Stepelton were close friends and pilots in the 364th FS. They flew together on D-Day protecting the Allied Invasion Forces. As they flew at low altitude, Leroy and Mark were determined that " NO GERMAN FIGHTER PILOT WOULD APPROACH THE LANDING INVASION AREA OF OUR RESPONSIBILITY." Leroy was hit by ground fire and killed that day. I corresponded with Mark and was fortunate to meet him at the last 357th FG reunion in September 2001. Through this web site, I have also met one of Leroy's relatives Bill Ruder. It is with great pleasure that we present these outstanding models of their aircraft. Two models of Lady Julie were made. The first was sent to Mark by Thomas Goodwin and now rests with him. Mark passed away July 2002 and unfortunately, we were unable to photograph that model close up. The second Lady Julie was made specifically for display in our Gallery of 357th models along with Leroy's Linda Lou. I would like to thank Thomas Goodwin, Don Lloyd and John Soule for making these unique models possible.  Jim Anderson

Leroy Ruder and ground crew in front of his Mustang Linda Lou. Code C5-X and aircraft serial number 42-106768. Leroy was an Ace with 5 1/2 victories. You can read about Leroy in the Combat Stories of the 357th Section of the Web Site. 

Model of Linda Lou built by Don Lloyd using decals made by John Soule. 

Mark Stepelton with his Lady Julie. Code letters C5-G and aircraft serial number 42-106978. Mark had 3 1/2 confirmed victories. 

Lady Julie - This model was made by Don Lloyd using home made decals from John Soule. Mark was a very wonderful man and this is a special model to honor him. You can read his stories in our combat stories section.  

Mark Stepelton with his model of Lady Julie made by Tom Goodwin.  

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