1/32 Scale Old Crow by Steve Negley

I am a big fan of the 1/32 scale model, especially the P-51, unfortunately the pickings are slim in this scale for this type with only a couple kits to choose from. One is manufactured by Doyusha, which is practically impossible to get and the other is made by Hasegawa, which is old but has the best outline.

 I started this kit with the cockpit, and chose to scratch build almost everything in it, the only kit parts used were the floorboard and radio gear. The instrument panel was scratch-built from .010 styrene this was then painted flat black and Waldron instruments and bezels were used to finish it out. Next came the side panels, throttle quadrant, circuit breakers and radio controls, these were made from the placard set also available from Waldron. I highly recommend these Waldron products as they produce an extremely realistic and detailed interior. Next came the seat which I scratch built using .020 sheet styrene and some .040 plastic rod, this was finished out with a Waldron seat belt buckle set, paper strips were cut from an envelope to simulate the seat belt straps. Next came detailing the radiator, I used the kit radiator assembly hollowing out the center leaving a 1/16th in. border on the outside of the part, next fine pattern brass screen was cemented to the part using styrene strips  this was comprised of 3 layers to simulate the radiator. The fuselage was now ready for assembly.

Now for the wing assembly, first I cut out the flaps and these were replaced using the Paragon flap set for the Mustang, however these need some work to fit properly as they are to short when they fit up to the bottom of the wing where they mate to the fuselage, I remedied this by adding 3/32 in. of
plastic to the large end of the flap then sanded and filed to shape, this also deleted the need for using any putty on the flap assembly. After the wings were mated to the fuselage the model was ready for final assembly, I like to display my models flight line ready so I don't leave any of the access panels open to view anything. 

Just about the worst fit on this model is around the engine cowling area, with a little work this can be made to fit fairly well, but there will still be some seams, these I filled by stretching some plastic sprue and gluing the sprue in the seam using tenax7, after the seams dried they were sanded flat using 150 grit silicone carbide paper, and primed with OEM gray automobile grade acrylic lacquer primer, all panel lines forward of the firewall were rescribed and the entire model was sprayed with the gray primer. The model was now ready for finishing, first the entire model was sanded with 0000 steel wool and a yellow band was sprayed around the nose, this was then taped off and the olive drab anti glare panel was sprayed. The red rudder was also added at this time and masked, then the entire model was sprayed out in natural aluminum using Alclad Aluminum. After the aluminum paint had dried overnight the fuselage invasion stripes were added. 

The model was now ready for decals, the checkerboards on the nose  were each cut out individually
from red decal stock and placed on the yellow background nose band sprayed earlier. For the rest of the decals I was fortunate enough to have the Mustang International sheet that had the "Old Crow" markings, needless to say this saved me much time decaling the rest of the model. The finished
result are the pictures you see and a beautiful P-51 it is!!