1/4 Scale Old Crow by Dana Muelot

Started June 1, 1985. Estimated completion date sometime in 2004.

Dana (r) and his father with his 1/4 scale Old Crow

Latest Photos!

Painting of the Fuselage has begun

Fuselage Detail shot

Fuslage fabrication

Cockpit Area

Tail Wheel Assembly



Rudder Pedals

Instrument Panel Installed

Instrument Panel

Dana has done 100s of hours of research on the Mustang. This model is a 1/4 scale replica made from Aluminum. We will keep you updated on Dana's progress. Bud will sign a plaque to go with the plane when it is completed. It took Dana over a year to complete the initial scale drawings for this project. He chose 1/4 scale as the math would be easier. He started the project building the firewall. The next important items were the upper and lower longerons and the bellrap at station 248. Hence the center fuselage was born. He initially started fabricating scale aluminum ribs at each fuselage station, but found out that rivets didn't work so well with 2024 T6 skin. He had to re-engineer the drawings and fabricate new ribs from 2024-0 aluminum and .032 thick. The fuselage was first, then the tail cone, vertical tail with fillet, doghouse, aft scoop, engine mounts, cowl formers, etc. He started wings 6 months ago and currently has all wing station ribs made with the structure 70% assembled, including all the hydraulic, fuel lines, linkages, hyd. pressure gauge, and hyd. accumulator, that can be seen in the wheel wells of a full scale mustang. Dana has received support from the Chino Air Museum and hopes to have the plane on display at the Planes of Fame Airshow 2002.

Latest Progress Report 20 Feb 03: Dana is working on parts of the wings. Hopes to complete the plane this year. 

"Down for a Double" print by Dana Muelot

C.E."Bud" Anderson in 44-14450 "OLD CROW"
Flying his P-51D-10 Mustang and following an ME-109 into the clouds, Maj. Anderson found himself behind four FW-190s of which two were destroyed bringing his
official confirmed victories to 16 1/4.

The Air Museum Planes of Fame

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