Tom Goodwin

Thomas A. Goodwin

Born; July 8, 1951 at Chelsea, Massachusetts

Raised in Manhattan Beach California

Military Service

Joined U.S. Army July 29, 1969 served in Viet Nam January 1970 to January 1971 with the 5th Battalion, 42nd Field Artillery Alpha Battery 3 Corp, Mekong Delta South Viet Nam 1971 to 1972 Served in Giessen Germany with the 6th Battalion 9th Field Artillery Honorably discharged March 1972 Rank at Discharge; Sergeant E-5 Awarded while on Active duty; National Defense Service Ribbon; Army Commendation Medal; Viet Nam Service Ribbon with device 60 Viet Nam Campaign Ribbon with 4 Campaign stars, Awarded Sharpshooter; Rifle M-16, M-14, 45 Caliber Automatic Awarded Presidential Unit Citation Viet Nam 1970 Awarded Presidential Unit Citation, Viet Nam 1971 Awarded Presidential Unit Citation, Republic of Viet Nam 1971 Awarded Purple Heart Medal Viet Nam 1971

Graduated from Long Beach City Collage 1975 type of degree; AA visual Arts

Residence, Modesto, California;

At age nine I became interested in building models of all sorts. Model building has been a passion of mine since 1960. I have constructed numerous models from sailing ships to Planes, Jets, Cars. Modern Ships. My second passion is building Classic Sailing Ships from the 18th and 19th Century. I am an avid History buff interested in mainly The History of The U.S. Navy, Royal Navy, U.S. Army Air Corp, World War 2 And The German Luftwaffe. I own a rather extensive private library of books related to Air Craft from World War Two.

I descend from a family with a long and proud Military History extending back to the American Revolution Culminating with the Viet Nam Conflict. I am the youngest of 5 children. Due to War related injuries I am disabled. I am a "Life Member" of the U.S. Naval Academy Annapolis; MD. " Life member" Disabled American Veterans. "Life Member," Veterans of Foreign Wars.

I first became involved with this site in 2000 I am "Proud and Honored" to be asked to contribute to this site my craft and passion for model building. I sincerely hope that you enjoy your visit here. To Honor these "Brave Men" who were willing to offer the ultimate sacrifice to keep the World at Peace. To Stand Tall with these men of the 357th Fighter Group and all those whom have contributed to this site is for me greater than any other award I have ever received.

Thank You; And please enjoy your visit.

Thomas A. Goodwin;

Contributor; Model Builder