FW 190 D-13/R11 W.Nr. 836017 "Yellow 10"

"Yellow 10" at Gilze-Rijen Airfield, Holland, Jun 1945. (Photo shown with permission of Jerry Crandall of Eagle-Editions)

"Yellow 10"  PIlot, Geschwader Kommodore Major Franz Gotz, a Knight's Cross holder. (Photo shown with permission of Jerry Crandall of Eagle-Editions)                

“Yellow 10” (serial 836017) was delivered to Jagdgeschwader 26 in March 1945, within two months of VE-Day.  It was flown by Maj. Franz Goetz (63 victories), the last JG-26 commander, who retained the Pik As (ace of spades) emblem of his previous unit, JG-53.   Yellow 10 (Goetz’s “lucky number”) was one of five long-nose 190s taken to the U.S. for evaluation. Of those, only three remain including two owned by the National Air and Space Museum. Subsequently 836017 was donated to Georgia Tech, and after years of neglect it was acquired by David Kyte in California.  Doug Champlin learned of the derelict fighter and in 1972 purchased it for shipment to Germany.  There Art Williams of Guenzburg began a four-year restoration with assistance from Prof. Kurt Tank.  Many missing parts had to be found or manufactured but the project was largely completed in 1976 and returned to the U.S.  As the only privately-owned 190D, the “Dora” was the crown jewel of the Champlin collection in Mesa, Arizona.  In 2001 a complete rebuild was begun by Gosshawk Aviation, directed by Dave Goss at Falcon Field.  The result is perhaps the most authentic, airworthy Luftwaffe aircraft in North America. Yellow 10 now resides in her new home at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington.

Yellow 10 before current restoration

Inverted Jumo 213 engine


Note wooden flaps. (Due to material shortages in wartime Germany, many aircraft components such as  "Yellow 10s" flaps were made of wood.)

Extended fuselage

Owner Doug Champlin, Bud Anderson, Dave Goss of Gosshawk Aviation

Yellow 10 on roll out after restoration!





Awesome job by Gosshawk Aviation



Yellow 10 on display at the Museum of Flight

Book on Yellow 10 by Jerry Crandall of Eagle-Editions



Decal set for Yellow 10 Eagle-Editions


We would like to thank Doug Champlin for allowing us to show photos of his beautiful Yellow 10, Dave Goss of Gosshawk Aviation for access to the plane during and after restoration and Jerry and Judy Crandall for permission to show the WWII photos from their great book on Yellow 10.

Click here to see the beautiful model of Yellow 10 built by Floyd Werner.

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